Is this a problem with the graphics card?

My brother asked me to check out his computer, he told me that he might have downloaded a virus that messed it up.

I booted it up and it showed a black screen filled with zeros and the top of the black screen where it usually displays the computer information was also filled with zeros and symbols instead of letters (like triangles ect).

It then took me to the windows login screen but would freeze. I ended up trying to reformat the computer but it would freeze each time it was about to show the reformat options.

So... I wiped then entire hard drive (using deriks nuke and boot) and tried to reformat - this didn't help at all.

I then tried to reformat with Ubuntu - It kept giving me a screen full of thin red/yellow/white lines and would freeze up after I selected the reformat option. However after a while I finally managed to get it to install Ubuntu and it took me to the desktop... Success! Or so I thought.

I noticed there were still some faint blue lines in the background/wallpaper. I ended up installing the Nvidia driver for the graphics card and this seemed to be a mistake. The computer no longer will boot to the desktop, instead it freezes with a black screen at the login screen of ubuntu also at this point the monitor just goes into power saving mode. Also it won't let me reformat Ubuntu again (freezing with lines).

My conclusion is this is either some sort of virus that hit the BIOS or the graphics card is no longer fully functional.


☼☼Any input before we drop $60 on another Nvidia 7300 GS replacement video card would be greatly appreciated.

☼What are your thoughts, is this a virus or a graphics card hardware problem (or both?)

☼Is there any software to diagnose whether it is a hardware or virus problem (without getting to the desktop).
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    Its not a virus issue.. Mostly your display card has got a corrupted bios which can only be replaced now.. May be you could try using all the connection ports on the card.. Sometimes a faulty port also causes this..
  2. If anyone stumbles across this and they have the same problem, it turns out it was indeed the video card causing the problems. I ended up replacing the card and all is well with the computer now.

    Thanks for the help Emperus.
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