First time Building a Computer

I'm a college student so im on a budget
i don't need a monitor js the pc
and i plan on using it mostly for
probably internet browsing media use
and a little bit of gaming starcraft 2 if it comes out?
and ive never built a computer before
so i was wondering if you guys can suggest a cost efficient computer thanks for the help:)
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  1. looking to spend at max 700
  2. here's a nice build. i think so anyways. comes in at 652 with windows, which is in the build, i just didnt capture the image right. This build offers less ram but a newer gfx card. I have run windows 7 with a 2 gig stick and a 5750. I wasn't crippled. WoW ran fine. So did DoD source
  3. if you'd like to have the comfort of more ram, here is a slightly different build. The gfx card is older, but still a good board. And this gives you more ram. Actually, you know, i think this is a better build than the first one. It's 658+shipping. Windows is included but not shown. Plus this has a mail in rebate.
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