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Hey everyone,

My external Iomega NAS 1TB Cloud edition external hard drive stop working on me. By stop working, I mean a red light showed up and the drive was no longer connecting to the network. I am fine with that if I can just turn it into an internal drive. I took off the casing, revealing just a normal Seagate drive, and installed it into my computer via SATA II. The computer has found the drive in My Computer, but when I click on it, it asks me to format the drive. I would just like to access my old files. Am I missing a step? Is there anyway I can access my old data? I don't want to format and lose all my data.
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  1. Do I just need to buy some recovery softwear? Any advice?
  2. Try some free recovery software from the web! Plenty there.
  3. Look for partition recovery software too. If it's asking you to format, the partition table is probably corrupt. Good luck.
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