3 monitors across 2 5770s gaming

This may be a question already answered but answers I've found make sense to me. If you had 2 graphics cards could you use 3 monitors in eyefinity without a
display port and still game. I heard you couldn't but with driver updates is that something that can now be done? I would love to have eyefinity but I don't love having to need an expensive display port adapter.
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  1. You can use a display port to VGA adapter. Of course, if your monitor and/or VGA cable pics up alot of interference then that analog connection isn't going to be cool at all :D. Anyway, the launch drivers did not allow eyefinity in crossfire, but now they do. Of course, it's recommended that you have two 16x slots rather than two 8x slots since the GPUs will be passing on alot of extra pixels.
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