Will this cpu work with this Mobo HELP

Hi all, this is my first time post so sorry if i do something wrong. so i have this crappy Acer T690. this is its mobo http://www.skyline-eng.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=6867
i have allrdy upgraded it to a 400watt corsair psu, added 2gigs of ram(its max) and threw a ATI 4670 in there, currently its running great. but i can tell when gaming that my crappy E2140 1.6ghz cpu is holding me back. according to that mobo site that mobo can support pentium duel cores upto 800mhz FSB, i was thinking of getting a E5300 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116074

from what i can see it should work in that mobo, but whats scaring me is we all know the Acer bios is CRAP. and iv heard storys of upgrading from a 65NM cpu to a 45NM cpu on a acer and it wouldnt boot. im not sure if they just had older boards or if acer doesnt like new cpus. the 400watt psu, ati 4850, and ram all worked right away. stuck em in, turned on the computer, and they worked, no messing with the bios. im hoping after u amazing techies have a look at that mobo and cpu u can tell me if they will work. thx for your time ;)
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  1. That board chipset is too old to run any wolfdale .45nm cpus. I would look for a used q6600 for an upgrade and give that a try. If it doesn't work, you'll have no trouble getting your money back on craigslist. I saw one recently for $115.
  2. i have a 60-75 $$$$ limit friend. anything else. im confused how a q6600 would work (when the site says it doesnt even support quads) could some PLEASE find me a canadian site (newegg.ca tigerdirect factory direct) which has a cpu that will work on this board. im dieing to get it upgraded. the cheaper the better
  3. would a low end intel core 2 work? the site says it supports intel core 2's up 1066 FSB. prob is those cpu's are like 100bucks.....
  4. this is my first time upgrading a cpu so im just lost lol. i dont really want a quad core, just a cheap 2 core around 2.5ghz and up.
  5. someone plz help, im SOO lost.
  6. Go to anandtech's for sale forum and find something used. Or check ewiz.com for an e4500 or e6700 dual core. Newegg doesn't sell old cpus. I used an e4500 for awhile, and it runs well. Avoid the .45nm cpus; only the dual core .65nm will work with your old board. And with acer, it's a guessing game as to which ones will work. There is no guarantee any one cpu will work. They don't offer bios flash upgrades on many oem boards by acer or dell. They want you to buy a new system. Dell had one cube system with amd dual core cpu for $218 a couple of days ago with 3 gigs of ram and vista. Very cheap.
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