The hunt for power supply - TX950W?

My new gaming build will include an i7 of some version and an ati 5870, possible in the future two of them in crossfire. I’ve used a corsair power supply for 4-5 years and it’s been solid since day one so I am thinking I would get a power supply from them again. I looked over the Corsair HX1000W but it did seem a bit pricey. A recommendation came to me to check out the Corsair TX950W. One drawback is its not modular, but it’s not going to be a show computer case, so I can live with some extra wires.

Does anyone have feedback on if the Corsair TX950W will do me well for my upcoming PC gamer build? I don’t want to skimp out on a power supply, but if I can save a few dollars and still be within an acceptable power range I should do that.

Let me know, thanks!
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  1. for CF 5870's, the Corsair 750TX would be plenty, if you wanted trifire then the 850TX would do for that

    also keep in mind that there are the HX versions of these PSU's that are 80+Silver and are modular
  2. I guess I am trying to understand the major difference here between the TX950W and the 850HX I keep going back and forth between those two.

    Other than one is listed 100 watts more and does not have modular connections? I have no way to really measure out my future system but I do want to make sure I can use it if I ever put, say two 5870 cards into an i7 system. I probably won't have more than 2 hard drivers in the system ever.
  3. Unless you're planning a tri SLI GTX 480 system, you're never gonna need anything close to a 950 Watt PSU. I used to be able to just say you're never gonna need a 950 w PSU... stupid Nvidia

    You can run xfire 5970's on a good 750 W PSU. Just grab a 750TX or HX, either will xfire 5870's.
  4. Much appreciated on the input. I'll be moving on to the next set of components Im reviewing now that the case and power supply have been selected.
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