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I was having some trouble with my computer and I decided to rule out BIOS problems so I flashed my BIOS to the latest one; v1.8. When my computer restarted I had no video. I'm using a. XFX 5770. My mobo is an MSI GD41. I have looked around and found several tutorials on how to recover a bios on an MSI mobo. As far as I can tell there is no power to my usb keyboard. I need to know how I can recover my BIOS with either a flash drive or a CD/DVD.
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    Try resetting the BIOS via the jumper. If you are getting nothing at all, the thing is not even beginning to start the POST process, there is nothing you can do. You will have to obtain a new BIOS chip if the chip is removable from the board manufacturer. If the chip is not removable, you will have to send the whole board back.
    To use a dvd/cd flash drive, or whatever, the BIOS must at least be able to make it part way through the POST (Power on self test) sequence. If you cannot get it to do that, I am afraid you are hosed.
  2. My fans all spin up and it looks like it's going to work but there is no video. The BIOS chip is not replaceable and I'm in a different country than the one I bought the board in. If there is no hope then thanks anyway and I'll go shop for a new board.

    Any suggestions for a good inexpensive 1156 board that supports crossfire?
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