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Just finished my first build and unfortunately i've come across a slight issue.

My Stock Cooler that came with my Athlon II x3 435 is creating an awfully loud noise, as if the fan is running at full capacity.

Whether my CPU is under load or otherwise it creates a din.

I have an ASUS m4a785td - v mobo.

Does anyone know the reason that the CPU fan would be running so fast and creating so much noise?

What can I do to reduce the noise or do I simply have a crocked mobo / temp sensor/ CPU fan

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  1. Do you have cool and quiet activated in bios.
  2. I do indeed. The CPU fan is running at around 3300 RPM according to the BIOS
  3. I have enabled Q-Fan but this has only dropped my CPU RPM to 2600 - 2700 CPU temp 38oC Idle, MB temp 32oC. (And the ambient temp is not far off that!)

    I'm assuming with temps like that my CPU is in correctly and I have activated all the 'noise reduction' perks the mobo has too offer so if anyone has a practical method to resolve this please let me know.

    Heavily aggrovating lol
  4. Check in device manager under processor to see if it identifies your cpu correctly, seems like that board came out before that chip existed so bios update, maybe.
  5. Hey thanks for the replies.

    To be honest I'm not looking to spend any more money. The stock cooler should run well enough and quietly enough to cater for my needs. I mean I have just purchased a dell and it is running an and cooler and its silent. It's not unreasonable to assume a product should work correctly out of the box. Hence a snotty email has been sent to amd.

    In regards to the BIOS yes I have updated it. As soon as I installed windows I ran the Asus update. So please if you can think of anything else I can try let me know. Otherwise ill ne waorong to hear from Amd.

  6. Amd* be waiting*. Lol sorry on my phone. Love predictive text
  7. I think you'll find the stock fan is working correctly out of the box - AMD never said it would be quiet and your temps appear to be about right for your ambient temperature.

    Stock coolers do just enough to keep temps within design specification - if they were effective coolers there would be no need for aftermarket coolers.
  8. I don't believe Amd would short change themselves by releasing a product that only runs at maximum rpm and therefore maximum noise. I appreciate that it will not be silent but u cannot fathom that Amd would allow such a shoddy product let alone aim for it to be that poor.

    I haven't had a response as yet from Amd but ill post what there response is. Is it worth removing the heatsink and reinstall it?

  9. Yeah, could be worth a shot. You may find that it's not seated quite tightly enough so the thermals are going up and therefore the motherboard is telling the fan to kick in at maximum.

    May be best (unfortunately) to remove the motherboard to check. Also you may find that removing the heatsink will duff up the thermal grease, so you may have to clean it all up with some isopropyl alcohol or thermal paste cleaner (not too expensive) and put some new on - Arctic Silver 5 or MX-3 are the top picks around here.

    Yes, it is expense (not much) but you don't need much and it lasts forever, so you'll have plenty floating around for the future.
  10. You can get a good after market cooler for $20 or less that will cool better and be much quieter than the stock heatsink/fan that comes with the 435. I just bought one myself and put an Arctic 7 Cooler Rev 2 on it and I can't even hear it at max RPM.
  11. ideally the OP doesn't want to spend any more money h0serdude, but yes a proper cooler will work wonders if things go that far.
  12. Hey guys, Again thanks for the replies.

    As LePhuronn stated i'm not looking to spend any more money at the moment. Cash strapt student and all that!

    I have received a reply from AMD stating that they suspect it is a faulty CPU fan and hopefully (now ive given them the relevant details) they will send me another.

    I have messed around with PCs before (just never a new build) and have plenty of thermal grease (but i'll have to get some AS-5) and akasa TIM clean. Ill wait until they reply again before messing around.

    I'm hoping it's not my mobo having issues but I guess if Q-Fan has made some difference then the interfaces are talking to one another so hopefully a new fan will sort it out.

    May I ask what is the best way to remove the thermal grease. Lint free cloths are what I normally use but i'm fresh out of them atm and wondered if there was anything 'to hand' that I could utlise without damaging the cpu. (Reason I say this is that I used cotton buds once to clean the gaps around an intel P4 and it totally 'scarred' the surface).

    Thanks again
  13. I always go lint-free so I'm not sure what would be a good alternative.
  14. I haven't removed my heatsink to attempt to re-seat it as a dull rattle (bearings i'm assuming) has started when the fan hits top RPM (so...constantly). This adds fuel to the 'its faulty' fire so hopefully a new one will solve the issue.

    Fingers crossed AMD will send me one sooner rather than 'within 28 days'
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