AMD Phenom II x4 940 BE 70 to 80 on idle? on stock not OC.

This has me worried as I just got this CPU only 4 days ago and its getting this hot this fast I am not OC or anything. I have an Antec Three Hundred case that has a 140mm fan on top that's blowing air out and a 120 in the back that's blowing air in as well. I know my room can get hot around this time of year (around 75 to 80°F) but at night it drop down to 50 I still getting these types of temps. I have a GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 785G board I turn off the quiet and cool still getting this. after I drop down the Volts from 1.3 to 1.25 the temps drops down fast. If I use less then 1.3 volts of power will I damage my CPU in the long run. I have turn off auto fan control/smart fan my cup rpm is only going around 3096. even at 61 to 65 Never went past as I turn my computer off b4 it gos to 70. I went to radio shack today I got a 120mm thermal take fan to push air in and I got some Arctic silver Ceramique paste put it on now my temp drop down to 51°C on the main CPU that Everest shows and 60 to all the other cores. I ran Everest stress test for 30 mins main CPU never went pass 61°c but all the other CPUs were at 80°C. That was on 1.20v not 1.3v. If I drop my volts will that void my warranty or damage my CPU in the long run? What is the shut off point of this CPU because I'm hit 80 for 30 secs it did not do anything on 1.3 v. I powered it off as I do not want to damage my CPU. I left it off for 10 mins and powered back on just to take some screen shots of the temps here they are.

The bios reading my temps 72 after I rebooted my system. Is the sensor wrong idk what going on. I don't want to buy a new HS if its still going to run this hot. Or should I just RAM this cpu and get a different one I still under the new egg 30 day return.
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  1. Did you reseat the heatsink and make sure it it secure? Did you use thermal compound? Did you reapply it when you reseated the heatsink? Did you plug the fan in? Did you touch the heatsink to see if it really does feel that hot?
  2. Something doesn't look right thats for sure, I am suspicious of the bios.
    Suggest you download latest bios (includes 6core) and install try again.
    Noticed there are 3 revisions of that board, be sure you pick the correct version number.
  3. Done all of that Enzo. Ya the heat sink dose fill hot. @Roonj Just updated it same thing BIOS pick it up at 69C booted windows Core temp and Everest pick it up at 80C. IDK if its the heat sink or or the board giving me wrong info or I just RAM the chip.:( get something not as hot.
  4. Wow that's freaking hot. How about your ambient temps?

    There must be something wrong with your CPU and HSF installation. Are you using the stock cooler?

    I've got the same motherboard and casing before but had an PII x2 550 @ 3.4Ghz on stock voltage. idles at < 40C, peaks at 59C on stock HSF. I've also installed 2 120mm 2000rpm intake fans in front.
  5. At the time I posted the bios update its only 65F in my room. Yes its a stock Cooler. Thats why I wanted to know wtf is going on with those temps Idk if the board is sending more Volts then the reported 1.3v thats why its going up so high.
  6. Talked to AMD support they said RMA the chip and the also ram the board. I did that but now newegg no longer has the 940 in stock or I am getting a refund.... as for the Board I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks I guess while the check it.
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