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Recently Installed a new Pentium D 945 into a new Asus p5ld2-vm mobo and have had a string of bad luck (i.e. why I'm here). I'm getting no POST, and after checking and re-checking all wiring and connections, still nothing comes up on the monitor. This board has on-board video, so the only things hooked in right now are the 24 + 4 pin power connectors and one stick of RAM, plus the processor/heatsink/CPU fan & all powerswitch/hdd/etc connectors. Still no post. I've cleared the CMOS by jumping pins 2 and 3 after every new configuration. Here's where it gets fun (and what's making me think I've missed something horribly obvious): I read a bunch about the mobo, the processor, and various tech support issues/forums. All things pointed to the BIOS not being able to handle a dual core processor without first being updated, which is not possible if I can't POST. A few people seemed to have had the same issue, and were able to update the BIOS by first replacing the CPU with a single core that was still compatible with the mobo. So I ordered a P4 that was listed as compatible, waited "patiently" for it to arrive, and then just now installed it to no avail. No POST. This is my dilemma dude... so if ANYONE has ANY ideas, please respond!!

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  1. What happens when you press the power button? Do any fans spin? Can you hear the hard drive spin up? Does the system make any beeps?

    Perform ALL the steps in this checklist and let us know the result.

  2. Fans spin, lights turn on, no beeps, HDD powers on and can hear spinning. Also tried with no HDD with same results. All roads seem to be leading to bad board, but I'd like to make sure that's the prob before hunting down a new board. I can't seem to find the p5ld2-vm board anymore, seems it's been discontinued and no one is selling it. If I can't figure this out, I either track down a board that is compatible with the CPU and RAM I have or start over with a newer board/CPU/RAM combo, which I would like to avoid. Anybody have any ideas??

  3. Have you gone through the entire checklist I linked to before? You have to perform EVERY step no matter now trivial it seems if you want to effectively troubleshoot your problem. You're not likely to find any suggestions that aren't already in the checklist. The checklist is regularly updated with suggestions found in this forum.

    Do you have a system speaker installed so you can hear the system beeps? Work your way through the ENTIRE checklist and let us know how it goes.
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