$380 core build

Currently I'm running a Pentium 4 1.7ghz rig with a 7600gs agp, 384mb ram, brand new 320gb Western D, Pata HDD, Sony Trinitron Monitor @ 1400x1050

So far this is what I've collected for parts, (just looking to replace mobo, cpu, ram, psu)


Athlon ii x4 630,
550w Corsair PSU, (single 12v rail @41amps)
Gigabyte 880g Usb3.0,Sata 6.0gbps,
4gb adata ddr3 1333mhz,

Down the road after I save up another 600 or so I'd like to pick up an Phenom ii x6, 1090T, and an ATI 5850 or whatever is just below top dog by then, also drop in a 32gb SSD and just use the Pata drive for backup duty. In the meantime I'd use onboard graphics and my existing DVD and hardrive to save cash. I also use Ubuntu as my OS and I primarily web browse and stream/convert music.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Get rid of that motherboard.. The layout looks completely useless.. Instead check on this combo -


    The total cost is lower as compared to the individual components as selected by you (motherboard and CPU).. You can put the extra money in getting a video card as the motherboard lacks on-board graphics.. I'd suggest these -


    You should also skip those A-DATA RAM sticks over these -

  2. The Pata drive is gonna hold the rest of your system back, in a big way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously ditch the pata drive.
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