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Having a problem with sticky keys on my external keyboard. Any suggestions?
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  1. Clean it. :D
  2. Not the problem
  3. My first suggestion would be to tell us what the problem is.
  4. Also tell us where you have it plugged in and what mouse and where it's plugged in at. i.e. you have a remote keyboard/mouse combo and are using a different remote / driver conflictmouse you could have a hardware conflict
  5. It is plugged into a 4-in-1 hub, which is plugged into my laptop. The keyboard and mouse are from Microsoft, and are both a couple of years old. (I got them when I had a Windows XP desktop.) The laptop is an Acer, Windows 7 Home Edition. I've checked the batteries and know that is not the problem. Everything was fine before I moved. I went from using DSL Verizon, to Comcast. Also, now, instead of sticking, I get the wrong keys coming up, not the ones I type. Also, it seems that my mouse has slowed considerably.
  6. try different ports
    try wthout hub
    Try a different keyboard
    Let us know what happens
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