Need Advice on Thermaltake Spedo

First off hello to all Toms hardware forum members. New guy here need some help.

I have started a new build using a Thermaltake Spedo case and I see there is a spot on the back of the
motherboard plate for a fan. My question to all Spedo owners is did you install a fan there? and if yes does
it blow air onto the motherboard or does it blow air away from the board?

I have read an unreasonable number of reviews for this case and most tell you to install the fan because of
better temp readings with fan installed, but not one tells you what direction the air flows

Thank You,
Got Spedo

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: All parts purchased 4/16/2010 Case Arrived 4/17/2010 GPU est. arrival 4/20/2010
all else est. arrival 4/22/2010



PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse,




Case: Thermaltake Spedo

CPU: Intel Core I7 930

CPU fan: Thermaltake Frio (hoping if fits)

Motherboard: Asus P6X58D Prem.

Ram: 6GB Corsair Dominator

GPU: XFX 5850 Black

PSU: Kingwin Mach 1 1000W



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Feel free to comment/advise on my selection of parts

Thank You
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  1. To be honest fitting a case fan behind the CPU socket (rear of motherboard tray) will give you little or no benefit - dont forget the mobo itself will restrict most of the extra airflow - and if the CPU HSF has a backplate it will only futher hinder the problem.

    best to make a very good job or neat cabling inside the main chamber of the pc case itself :)
  2. I would suggest blowing cold air onto the back of the motherboard, if you go ahead and install a fan there.
  3. I just bought this case because I was tired of looking at my HAF 932. I love it but I got the advanced package because it was cheaper on sale at newegg than the regular spedo. I threw all the plastic crap out because it actually made my graphics card hotter and also who spends $500 on graphics cards to cover them up?

    But its really funny you ask this question. It took me about 4 hours to gut my haf 932 and undo my cable management that took me 2 hours to do and xfer my stuff to the spedo. I installed everything and I had bought some nice red led fans so I could have a little red glow out the side of the case but when I went to install it, I noticed that you had to install the damn fan before you mount your mobo! I was pissed cause I had a vision of how I wanted my spedo to look but wasnt about to take out my mobo and cable management so I scrapped the Idea.

    Honestly the fan would do nothing imo. I guess it just gives you that feel good that your cooling something. Maybe one day when Im really bored ill take out my mobo and install the red fan but its just a pain.

    Im very happy with this case if you got pics I would like to see them!
  4. Well you could install a fan in it, though it may not be much of a drastic change in temps. Take note that the multitude of motherboards out there have survived without a fan on the rear-end for years.

    I'd say go for it, seeing that you'd probably lose nothing. It is also probably installed with the air blowing to the board.
  5. Here is what I have so far the rest of the stuff was going to arrive on 4/22 but now its behind
    schedule and will arrive on 4/23 :(

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