Single vs Dual core processors

Which would be faster, a 2 GHz processor with 1 core or a 1.5 GHz processor with 2 cores?
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  1. Quote:
    dual cores

    In most circumstances this is correct. But there is the question of "for what"?

    There are rare circumstances where someone may want to only run a single, single-threaded program and this will be faster on the single core. But with most things, the dual core will be faster.
  2. A recent thread in the forum discussion concluded on an E2180 (dual core just above 2 GHz) faster as compared to a P4 3+ GHz.. So the answer is obvious.. Moreover, dual cores are more efficient in terms of power handling and heat dissipation also so considering OP's query based on laptop CPU's a dual core becomes the obvious choice.. The single core processors are limited now for ASIC implementation as majority of the desktop applications have adopted multi thread processing.. Can't agree more with quad cores becoming the norm nowadays although am not sure them getting phased out any soon..
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