Cd writer/ dvd rom combo is not detected

I have an hp Pavilion which runs Windows XP and my cd/dvd drive is not listed on the device manager. I'm not sure if it is listed in Bios, because I do not know what I am looking for in that screen. I have deleted upper and lower filters from registry, reseated the cables to the drive, did a system restore, and in command window ran diskparts and list volume (this was suppose to show me the cd in the drive, and it didn't show). I am really at a loss now, the door opens and the light comes on, but does not show on the computer. Is this fixable or should I just buy a new one? Any feedback will be trully welcomed. Thanks, Sandy
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  1. I am assuming that the device worked previously, and does not work any longer.

    Take it out of the machine, and take a good sniff. If you smell fried electronics, it's dead. This is similar to a situation I had a couple of months ago, I had to buy a new drive.

    What were you doing last time the drive worked?
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