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i just bought a AMD Athlon XP 2.13GHz 2600+ AXDA2600DKV3C 256K 462 CORE cpu and a heat and sink to upgrade my old 900 mhz amd cpu on my asus a7v266-e rev 1005 qustion is do i need to flash my bios to upgrade and how and where do i get the file and ino on how to flash the bios. any help is greatly appreciated .thanks.the new cpu is compatiable for the motherboard by the way.
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  1. Your current bios file will work if your cpu is a thorougbred model running at 266 fsb. Only one barton core cpu is listed, which requires the bios update.
  2. im a newbie so thats is all french to me. i am pretty sure it is not a thorougbred model and i dont know what 266 fsb or barton core cpu is listed.
  3. It shouldn't need a BIOS update to work fine, though is always advertised before a CPU upgrade just in case.

    Just give it a try, worst that could happen is having to put the old cpu back in and flash the BIOS.
  4. so i wont fry my motherboard if i go ahead and put the new cpu and fan in and see if it boots up. i did find the flash file update for the new cpu. i was going to try the ezflash procedure but im a little scared to fry anything.
  5. Here's how to flash the BIOS for an A7V motherboard

    Couldn't find the support page for your motherboard though so I'm not sure how to get the BIOS file. You could always drop it in and see if it boots.
  6. A7A266-E

    Since PCB

    Since BIOS

    Athlon 900 ALL ALL Beta BIOS
    If your motherboard BIOS version number is greater than the BIOS version listed above, then you will not need to flash your BIOS. However, if your BIOS version is smaller than the version listed above, then you will need to select and download the latest BIOS to update your system. We kindly remind you that there is a certain risk level involved in BIOS flashing, please refer to "BIOS Flashing Method ". If you still have doubts, we will strongly advise you to consult with a PC Professional or your PC dealer for further assistance.
    How to Check Your BIOS

    Download Latest BIOS

    Version 1013.001 2003/08/15 update
    OS All
    Description A7A266-E Beta BIOS 1013.001
    The latest Beta BIOS.
    File Size 143.3 (KBytes)
    Download From Global (DLM) Global China P2P
    this is the update bios for the athlon 900 my ver is rev 1005
  7. okay i booted up the new cpu and fan and everything comes up alright on the computor did not flash system it says cpu is 160ghz but the cpu is suppost to be 213 ghz is that normal.
  8. go into the bios and check your FSB (front side bus). it is probably set at 200Mz instead of 266. FSB * CPU multiplier = speed

    8*266 = 2.13
    8*200 = 1.60

    That would be my thought. If it is not 266, manually put it there.
  9. there is no fsb in my bios there is cpu speed 1600 but it wont let me even highlite that it called something else maybe. thanks.
  10. apparently on the asus website Though the marked frequency of AMD-XP CPU is 1900+, it actually has 1600MHz, which is a character of AMD-XP CPU. The other CPU are as follows: XP2100+ is 1733 Mhz , XP2000+ is 1667 Mhz , XP1900+ is 1600 Mhz , XP1800+ is 1533 Mhz, XP1700+ is 1467 Mhz , XP1600+ is 1400 Mhz
  11. I know the frequencies are different. that was AMD's marketing scheme at the time. They were saying that an XP 2600 performed the same as a pentium at 2.6 GHz despite the lower operating speed. Still yours should run faster than 1.6. It looks like, according to the manual, you might have to set some jumper settings on the motherboard to allow you to control the processor in the BIOS. here is the link to the manual.
  12. im not sure where to look i see i can put jumper free mode still learning thanks though.
  13. I would probably try setting the jumpers to jumper free mode (pg. 19). Be sure to keep voltage settings at default. The xp2600 is supposed to use 1.65v. Then see if you can adjust the settings on page 58 to the appropriate settings. Not sure though because the manual says the FSB only goes to 227. the xp2600 is supposed to be 266. you most likely will need to update your BIOS. It also talks about how to do that on page 45.
  14. ya i try to do the ezflash procedure by pressing alt+f2 button at start up but it just wont let me get to the bios update i have to change the boot up from floppy disc.i have the bios uupdate file that i need just cant get to that page on says to put int he floppy after i get to that update bios page.thanks again for your help.
  15. Yea, change the boot order so the floppy is first. You need to boot from the floppy so you can get to the command prompt.
  16. i changed it to boot from floppy it will not work just keeps going right to windows desktop.i know my floppy drive works because i formatted the disc then put the file on main computor when i push alt+f2 takes me to the bios update page but the one im trying to upgrade is being very difficult.i will keep trying stuff to i get it. thanks again.
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    Did you format it to be bootable? you need to create a DOS boot disk. If you have windows XP you can go into windows explorer, right click on your floppy drive and select format. Then check the box that says "Create an MS-DOS boot disk". After that is done, then copy the BIOS update file to the floppy drive as well. Then you should be able to boot from the floppy.

    If you are using windows 9x or ME, I think you can just go the command prompt and type "Format a: /s"
  18. i am using windows xp i formatted the floppy,created dos boot disc.copied the file to the floppy and seen there was a bunch of other files on the floppy as well. try to boot up from floppy no go. do i have to open up floppy and run one of the dos application files that are on the floppy.very confusing
  19. If you formated it as a bootable floppy, that should be all. It should just boot. I don't understand why it doesn't work. do you have another computer you could try the boot disk in?
  20. it boots in my main computor but not the one im trying to upgrade the bios in. ill try again tomorrow keep you posted thanks.
  21. alright. At least we know the disk is good. Maybe try disconnecting all other drives so that the floppy is the only one left. that way it will have to look at it and hopefully boot from it.
  22. getting closer i got the bios update page to show up it says A:/> but when i type AFLASH IT SAYS BAD COMMAND OR FILE NAME.also tried the file name
    1015E.002 bad command or bad i dont know where to go from here.
  23. i got it had to put flash.exe file on floppy as well. it has been updated still at 1600mhz but a least it is faster.again thanks for all of your help.great site this is.cheers
  24. Glad you finally got it updated. Too bad that didn't fix the issue. At least it is faster though.
  25. the fans are noisy but everything is running alright.
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