Sandisk Cruzer Switch 16GB not detected by TV

Hi all,

After formating my new Flash drive (Sandisk cruzer switch 16gb) to exFat (i'm using MAC), i tried to connect the falsh drive to my TV in order to watch a movie and the TV does not detect the flash drive...i need your help, what can i do?
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  1. Probably because the TV (or whatever you plug the flash drive into) does not recognise the exFat partition type. It may have to be formatted to a FAT partition type on a Windows PC.

    Since you've not seen fit to post the make/model of TV (or the USB reader device that's plugged into it), I can't make anything other than an educated guess.
  2. ^ +1 I've seen very few TV sets that support exFAT. Use FAT32, which Mac and PCs both like.
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