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Hi, I'm making a few upgrades and I was wondering if a kind soul could review my parts and let me know of any glaring mistakes.

Motherboard: MSI P55-GD55 LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX (Intel)
CPU: Intel Core i5-750
RAM: G-skill dual channel DDR3 1600 (9-9-9-24)
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 750w modular (4 +12v rails)
I have a full tower case if that makes a difference.

Stuff I already have, but will be using in this system:
Radeon HD 4870 512mb
Arctic Cooling ACFZ7 77mm cpu cooling fan/heatsink (I used this thing with my Core 2 Duo 775 cpu, I don't suppose it'll fit a socket LGA1156?)
Seagate barracuda 320gb HDD
Aaaand I forget what my dvd drive is but don't worry about that.

I plan to use onboard sound and not OC much, if ever.

Thank you for your time. TH is the best =)
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  1. ^ AFAIK that mobo only does crossfire at x16x4 and not x8x8 which is ideal for Crossfire on these boards...So going Crossfire will not be a good option and hence you wont need a 750W PSU at all...
    Either change the PSU or the mobo...
  2. Thanks for the response.

    Yeah, I'm using a single card setup. I'm really more concerned about PSU quality than getting ridiculous amounts of wattage, so what should I look for in a PSU?
  3. Get a 500-550W PSU from Antec EA or TP series/ Corsair/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ PCP&S/ CM Real Power or Silent PRO series...These can handle even a HD 5870 without any issues...
  4. For the CPU fan, I think you might want to buy a new one, since the one you have doesn't have the right mounting kit for 1156.

    Wanna say about the PSU :
    For future upgrade purposes, even if you are going to use only single card configuration, get a PSU with at least 2 PCI-e GPU power output (SLI/X-fire ready). One HD5830 or above needs 2 of them, a HD5870 goes the same.
    gkay09 has mentioned the power rating and all the brands on my shopping list.
    But Corsair is always on top my shopping list and Antec comes second, both of them are good, just pick the best price you can get.
  5. Thanks for the help, folks. Got the right psu and made my order :)
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