How dio I change the language of my windows xp from KOREAN to English

I just bought a fujitsu lifebook off eba.It is formatted in Korean,and i need to know how to find reagon and lange,in the control center.I can get to open the control center ut can"t identify the correct file to change the language to english.Can you help me?thanks,George
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  1. If you have access to Start > Run. Type in: intl.cpl

    Otherwise the icons in the Control Panel should be the same (unless heavily modified), and the Regional and Language Options is a globe on a stand icon.

    Once you've loaded the Regional and Language options you'll have to guess some of it but hopefully this helps:

    The middle tab or 2nd tab from left is the Languages option.
    Then the first button is 'Details'.
    Finally the first drop down is the input language, you will probably have to reboot
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