ATI Radeon 5850 vs 5870

Choosing parts for my new system. It will be mainly used for gaming, 3ds max and photoshop. I've decided that the best CPU for this type is intel i7 860. However, when it comes to GPU, I'm a little confused. Before I planned ATI 5870. But 5850 is 100$ cheaper. Some people say that it shows the same results as 5870 after overclocking, but i'm not gonna do it. So, what would you reccomend? Is 5870 worth the extra 100$? Or maybe I should consider some other GPUs?
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  1. Depends on your monitor's resolution, and games you want to play. For anything over 1920x1080, I'd get the HD5870. The HD5850 will max nearly anything at and below 1080p, save Crysis.

    All depends on your games.
  2. Agree with shadow, it all depends on your monitor.
    For a long run, if money is not a problem then grab 5870 or even 5970. :)
  3. just my 2cents since I already made the exact same thread topic and i've gotten alot of inputs.

    If you're going to be on 1080p resolution, stay with 5850 and save your cash for future(CF perhaps).

    However in my case, my final setup will have 30'' monitor which will play at much higher resolution. People suggested 5970, at least 5870. i'm going to get 5870 and then CF'ing later on. Benchmark for BFBC2 shows that with 5870 at 2560x1600 will be around 50fps with I7 920(OC'd to 3.0ghz), it's not the magic number 60 i'm looking for but it's ok with me, it'll be plenty playable.

    if you're going to be using this for high resolution like 30'' monitor i'd recommend my route or 5970.
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