Wireless problem.

I'm having an anoying problem with the wireless network on my laptop. I can only see and connect b/g networks. But I'm sure my wireless card is a n-card. But I can't see or connect to n-networks. :pfff:
My laptop is a Zepto mythos A15, and I'm running Windows7 (32bit). Windows tells me that my wireless card is a "realtek 802.11n" - card. But it does not say anything about what model the card is. I thought that it might help to update the network driver, but because i don't know the speciffic model of the wireless card I have no idea which driver to update to.
Hope that someone can help me.

Thanx in advance.
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  1. I gather that there's not universal compatibility between n wireless hardware. As I recall it's still recommended to stick with the same brand of router and wireless adapter until there is a universal standard. Difficult if your adapter is built-in.
  2. True, but I seems to be a general problem. I can't connect to ANY n-networks...
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