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Is it rare for motherboards to have front usb 3.0 connectors? I've been searching AMD boards and have found only the ASRock 890FX Deluxe ( that supports this. I'm far from an expert but am somewhat familiar with brands, but haven't heard the ASRock name before, is it a decent build/good company? The other mobo I am looking at is the MSI 890fxa-gd70, which I would probably go for except it doesn't have front USB 3.0. How do these two mobos stack up otherwise, regardless of the 3.0?

Am I missing any AMD boards? And I'm not wedded to AMD (I just like the idea of sixcore), so how about intel boards with front USB 3.0?

All in all I'm looking to spend under 400 on a cpu/mobo combo.

Thanks for reading, all comments are appreciated :)
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  1. ASRock are good boards. I would put them on par with MSI. They are owned by ASUS and make quality boards. You will be fine going with them (preferred over MSI IMO).

    What is the purpose of your build, since you like the idea of a hex core?
  2. Thanks for the feedback on ASrock. My build will mainly be used to run Photoshop CS5, and I'm hoping in the future the sixcore will be more useful.

    I like the ASrock board now I'm just having a pain of a time finding compatible memory at a good price. I want to start with 8gb (2x4gb) leaving myself room to go to 16gb down the road. How is crucial as a memory brand? They seem to have very good prices.
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