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I'm in the process of building a new computer for video editing. (using adobe CS4 will upgrade to CS5) I currently have a AMD 64 dual core home build machine. I was looking into getting the AMD X6, not sure what version of the possessor 1090T is the high end model. as far as mother board was looking into the Gigabyte 890, i know they have a FX model due out in the near future. I already have a Case,1tb HD sata and dvd burner also sata. I was wondering what recommendations you have for a motherboard, ram, video card and power supply, sticking with the AMD X6.
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  1. From the pre NDA release of PhenomII X6 1055T in the Asian markets and some results OCing it at Xtremesystems and a rumoured USD $200 price tag why not go with that chip :P Those would be available in the USA about April 26th i.e next week onwards about the same time the rest of the 800 series are out so if u dun need CF u need not pay for it as the 880G and 870 chipsets come at more humbler pricepoints and mostly justthe single PCIex16 2.0 lane :P
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