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Started my PC today and none of my USB ports are working, mouse and keyboard are completley non responsive and I cant even get passed the login screen. Tried all ports and even tried a ps2 keyboard but i only have one ps2 port for that so its useless. Its not my hardware because Ive tested my equipment on others pc's and they work fine. Have not downloaded anything recently and windows runs normal. Ive read every post on here but no luck, Question is how do I log on to my computer without my keyboard and mouse active? Computer is about 7 months old.

Windows 7 64 Ulitmate
p55a ud3
i5 750
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  1. You can do anything you need to using a keyboard alone, its just a bit more of an adventure. You are going to need to tab your way through menus and probably get to things the long way but it is doable. I would login and get to device manager and see if something happened to your USB controllers in there.
  2. Got to my device manager, and my keyboard, mouse and my PC have the dreaded yellow exclamation mark beside each one. But I cant do anything from there, not even click on them, so can I do anything in bios?
  3. Wow, that's weird. Windows should had native support to most of the peripherals connected via USB ports. Or else, the issue might be within your installed OS.
  4. ya just going to try to restore from last week if possible, thanks for all the advice and feedback!
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