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  1. You'd need to flash the BIOS of the 9800GT I believe.

    Have fun with the 5770s!
  2. 5770s are in and running fine. No numbers yet though. Trying to get my cpu OC up to par. Should have numbers shortly.

    Any idea how I can make fan profiles for the 5770s? The auto feature seems very unimpressive.

    EDIT: I normally use Riva but it does not support this card. Anything else I can use to precisely control fan speed vs temps?

    Using 3d mark vantage even with the stupid fan speed stuck at 35% I don' break 60c gpu temp though. Much better than my 102c on the 9800. Although I have not OC'd the 5770s yet.
  3. Looks like I'm a pickle again. Whenever I use the ATI software to OC I get screen flicker. SOB!
  4. OK WOW! Gigs ATI driver is 8.3 BUT ATI is up to 10.3? WTF?
  5. On that mobo your second card is running at x8.
  6. mosox said:
    On that mobo your second card is running at x8.

    I'm running dual monitors. For Crossfire should have them both plugged into the same card?

    I used the second monitor for web surfing and what not while I game on the main one.
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