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I've tried to look around, but can't find too much reference to a good fan controller. I've been looking around the egg and saw a few, but wondered if anyone had any recommendations.

The system I'm putting the controller has one front 120mm fan, one rear 120mm fan, and two top 120mm fans (that are too loud for my liking). Ideally the controller could work for all 4, but even 2 or 3 would be acceptable.

I had been looking at these:

Scythe 3.5 in Kaze Q (not sure if I want to use a 3.5 adapter to use it)


SunbeamTech Rheobus


NZXT Sentry 2


Scythe (one is labeled as Server, though they seem similar)



I appreciate any help.
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  1. If your not keen on using a driveslot up, you could always drill holes in the case to line up the knobs and have it in the roof with the knobs on top outside? I cant say anything on controllers though, all my fans are molex jobs and just daisychained, except the two on my cpu and ramcooler, all a fan controller is a couple of variable resistors, pick a couple up and install them inline where suits, Good luck and happy cooling
  2. I bought and tested the NZXT Sentry 2 for my upcoming build (moved the guts of my HTPC into the new gaming case). It's the first fan controller I've had, but it seemed fully functional, and I didn't experience any of the clicking that is mentioned in some of the newegg reviews.
  3. It's not as much about using a drive slot, but using the 3.5 in adapter.

    Thanks for the ideas - don't think I'll be modding the case that way, but it does sound cool.

    Any more directions on how to do the whole variable resistor thing? I wouldn't even know where to start.

    Thanks coldsleep...it looks nice. I think it might compliment the build too...No problems with the install? No issues with how it works?

    Thanks for the replies so far.
  4. huron said:

    Thanks coldsleep...it looks nice. I think it might compliment the build too...No problems with the install? No issues with how it works?

    Install was easy. Fits into a 3.5" slot (or, I assume, into an adapter) and just screw into the first set of holes.

    I don't have it running now, so I can't comment on long-term use, as I put my HTPC guts back into the original case, but I didn't experience any problems over the course of an hour or two just letting it run and fooling around with it. I set it on manual, rather than use the automatic mode, as I didn't bother putting the probes in place for the temporary configuration. You can step down speeds 10% at a time down to 40%. Next step down is completely off, which seems unusual, but isn't an issue for me.

    This is the review that led me in the direction of the Sentry 2 over the Sentry 1 LX, which was the direction I had been leaning. The touchscreen on the Sentry 2 is nice, and the included adapters seemed like a good idea.

    To be honest, I didn't look at too many other controllers, as I was looking for something with a little bit of flash (and ideally, touchscreen).
  5. quick troll about found http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/vres.htm for an explanation of variable resistors, or Rheostat as in this case, I'd put it/them on the positive wire to your fan to control the amount of current getting to the fan thereby speeding/slowing it, you have to look up the numbers on your fans to buy the right rated ones tho, a random fan i have lying about (not hooked up? omg!!) is dc12v and 0.12a so I'd use a resistor that wouldnt allow much more than 0.12amps through, your local electrical hardware guy should be able to help more on that though if you let him know what your planning, hope you get sorted man, :)
  6. in fact, one option is to buy the Scythe 3.5 in Kaze Q your looking at, dismantle it to components then wire each knob up to fans as needed before drilling holes for them :) (why didnt I think of buying something then taking it apart immediately to begin with? /worries bout self
  7. Thanks for all the replies so far.

    I'm not sure I'm up for the fun you've suggested. It does sound interesting, but time is a concern.

    Anyone used the others listed? I like the look of the NZXT, but worry that it won't work with my fans: Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AC-GP - read a few reviews to that effect.
  8. Ok...I'll still look for some other options...thanks for all the replies.

    If anyone has a good controller they know about, I'd be happy to know about it.
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