SSD and Mechanical Hard Drive Hybrid

Hello, I was wondering if I could decrease my boot speed by moving my boot files to my 30 GB SSD,
but have all programs install onto my 7,200 rpm HD. I am running Win 7 and Fedora (when Fedora 17 comes out).
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  1. Yes;
    30gb is perhaps a bit small.
  2. What Hybred HDD (ie Seagate 750 gig HDD with an internal 8 gig SLC SSD)?

    NOTE: 30 gig SSD is really only about 25 gigs, you lose 2 gig because of the way manuf count bytes, and then you lose another 3 gigs as you MUST leave a Min of 10% unused (free) so that wear leveling, Garbage Colloctor, and trim can work their majic.

    30 Gig is just to small, may start out ok, but will have management problems down stream.
    Min size for OS SSD is 60 Gigs, and I recommend a Min size of 80+ gigs.

    Only use of 30 gig SSD is in a SRT setup (requires Intel Z68 MB:
    There are some availble software programs that will do the same, just not as well.
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