V72MA Power LED connector?

Okay, i recently disassembled an old IBM Aptiva - With a V72MA Motherboard, with an AMD K6 500 CPu i think.Well everything seems to work fine except for... I can't seem to get the power LED switch-wire in teh right place. :pfff:
Shall i just put it randomly, or does it have a specific position on the connector-Pins? :(
The whole motherboard description is like so: MB V72MA /-1N. I believee its an acer, i'm not sure. Please help i'd be very happy if i got this thing going again :kaola:
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  2. Ive tried this, i need directions on where to put the power LED connector to the pins on teh motherboard!
  3. Oh no geez i saw it now it says pin 1-3 etc. but where is pin 1? Where do they start? Is it the black one on teh picture? :kaola:
  4. Thanks for the help, my computer is now up and running again :D
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