Backup with acronis and win 7, or use windows home server

I currently have an acer setup as a server for my small business. I have windows 7 H-P along with Acronis True Image. I have been messing with Acronis to try and setup incremental backups of a HDD used to store all of my files and such for the business. I havent been doing too good figuring out how to set the program up to get it to work right. This I take full credit due to the fact that I've been busy and havent read much into how to set it up correctly. I know it has been backing everything up, but it has been making multiple backups, and i just dont have the time atm to read how to set it up the way i like.

My question to the forums is whether or not i should force myself to sit down and read how to set up my backup the way i want using Acronis, or would it be easier to purchase Windows Home Server?

Does Windows Home Server offer incremental backups of full HDD's on a daily schedule?

Does Windows Home Server even do a good job of backing up, and has anybody had problems with the OS?

Any help and info would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Since you already have the Acronis it would save you cash to go through the instruction and use it.

    I have been using Acronis in ~ 2 years now. In terms of backup i have 2 primary use for it.
    1) Hard Drive Image File(Including c:\ or OS drive). Rebuilding is 30mins my OS and all Apps are loaded to any drive i wish to install it.
    2) Regular incremental back for data and OS: It can be save on a separate drive, network drive, or DVD/BD-Disc.

    Between full back and incremental backup is a matter of personal choice.

    Its very easy to use and reliable.
  2. I also have Acronis and I've had to use it when I had to use chkdsk to identify and fix a issue with my C drive and another time when an upgrade went bad. Love it -- especially in comparison with Norton Ghost which I have on another PC.

    I put my OS and all programs on my C drive -- no data. I run an image build on my C drive whenever I apply any kind of update/addition to any of my programs. That image file is put in the special partition Acronis set up on my C-drive (multiple full instances), on a USB drive which is never connected except when I'm doing backups, and an NAS drive that's always on. (On the two occasions when I had to restore the C-image, I used the Acronis partition one when I had an upgrade issue (since I needed to return to an earlier image), and I used the USB copy when I had to rebuild my HD.)

    I use a number of different strategies for my data backup. I do not use an image build for my data backups, and at least one of my backups is done manually with straight copies, since I got burned once by using a WD/EMC backup utility.
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