Windows 7 shows second monitor with dots allover

Hi all, here's a funny one.
OS windows 7
Video Card ATI Radeon HD 3800 (two dvi connections)
Monitors AOC 2019Vwal 1680x1050 60hz (from costco)
Tyris t902wdt 1440 x900 60hz (from fry's)
These two worked fine with vista 64 installed

Finished intalling 7 and now the tyris shows all these specs in the shade transition areas on the immage.
They blink like little stars in a circular pattern in default wwindows 7 background and in any windows open above it.

When i change the resolution for the tyris the single blinking pixels will take up a larger amount of pixels than when it is at native resolution.
They don't appear on the post screen, the image is good( post displayes on both monitors)
This happens when the desktop is extended, duplicated, or projector only and computer only settings.
I switched the plugs and restarted and the AOC still works and the tyris still has the same problem so i think the hardware is not damaged.
uninstalled and reinstalled catalyst.
Tyris website says monitor is pnp and no drivers are nescessary.
Tyris monitor works perfect on laptop with vista installed.

Could the monitor just simply be incompatible with Windows 7?
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  1. Plugged the tyris monitor into VGA with a dsub to dvi adapter and monitor looks alright, it's just not dvi now i guess. in other words monitor had dvi and dsub plugs, attached dsub cable to monitor and a dsub to dvi adapter on the other end to vga which only has to dvi plugs. I'm stumped. Poo to me any ideas. Thanks for any help in advance. I guess i could i could do my editing on the the AOC monitor, I'll cough up some more moolah for a better monitor next time i guess.
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