Can I "upgrade" from Windows 8 to Windows 7, keeping all programs?

Hi, my dad is alright with Windows 8 but we've been getting a lot of issues involving verifying the key (long story). He wants to downgrade from Windows 8 to 7 but doesn't want to lose any programs or data whatsoever (he doesn't maintain very good care of organization and doesn't want to reinstall programs). If I use the windows 7 key on the bottom of his laptop and a boot CD, will i be able to treat it as an upgrade?

When I say upgrade, I mean how Windows 7 to Windows 8 was -- using upgrade asssistant and then being able to just select upgrade and keeping everything compatible and intact fully. I just wanted to know if this was possible, or how to make this possible.

And yes, I'm sorry for being one of those people who post in this subforum asking the same general question -- I couldn't find an answer specifically about maintaining programs, only files being put in Windows.old.

Anyways, thank you if you respond and happy holidays!
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  1. After contacting support a couple times and being given bull regarding windows 8 being void after this and what not, they told me that Windows 8 is an "upgrade" to the OS of 7, which is how upgrade assistant works, and that you cannot revert back without a fullwipe. Just wonderful.
  2. Yeah you can't "upgrade" to an older OS, and there is no system in place for direct "downgrading." Sorry, Microsoft doesn't do it that way.
  3. Not possible. You cannot downgrade to an older version of Windows without doing a full wipe. Microsoft has never done it that way, and likely never will.
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