Range problem, can it be fixed, or do I need to get a new router?

Hi all,
Can anyone help? I have a Linksys WRVS4400N wireless router that seems to have very poor rang. Is there anything I can do to improve the range, or do I need to get a new router?
Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.
Thank you,
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  1. Before spending monet try the following:

    Raise the router above furniture level.
    Experiment with channels -- they work better or worse in different environs.
    If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi choose a channel 5 stops from the strongest.
    Relocate cordless phone base or video sender away from router or computer.
    Try moving the computer or swivelling it so that the antenna (the lid on laptop) is not shielded by the user's body.
  2. Thank you for getting back to me,
    I moved the router, the desktop computer is on the floor in a corner away from the router, and there is nothing near the router. I spent the afternoon going through the 11 available channels. I would get a good signal in the computer room, with an apple Ipad. I went into the bedroom about 50’ away, and the signal dropped so low I could not log onto any web pages. This happened on each channel. I can see the networks of two of my neighbors, their signal strength is the same in both rooms. The only time my signal is greater is when I am in the computer room near the router.
    Anything else I can try?
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