Liquid cooling xbox 360 kit

where can i buy a full kit other tha the koolance system because there system is to big and a dam rip off way over priced
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  1. you want to water cool an Xbox 360 ? from what i have seen the standard case is not big enouhg to house a water cooling kit. the radiator alone would take up most of the space - let alone the resevoir and pump.
  2. Why exactly would you water cool an Xbox anyway?? Not like you can overclock it.
  3. The only real problem with the xbox is the clearance with the gpu and optical drive. The cpu has pretty much a bigger headrooom and would probably work with most cpu waterblocks. The gpu on the other hand, needs a custom waterblock that points the pipes horizontally rather than vertically to clear the optical drive.

    After that, you could use almost any radiator and reservoir you want.

    Pre-jasper and probably jasper units would benefit from this as it would minimize rrod possibility to nearly none.
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