Athlon X2 250 or intel e3300

Hi guys, i am trying to decide between these two processors to upgrade my pc (old p4 2.0) but i can't pick the right choice.
First of all, i don't want to spend a lot (max 180 euros) and also i don't expect huge processing power! :pt1cable:
I mostly use the pc for reading-printing pdfs,chm,processing and printing photos and of course internet navi. I found this offer (celeron) but the same site has also AMDs which i never owned one :( Searching here i found that the X2 is better and a class above the celeron e3300 but i would like to hear your opinions. Should i pick an AMD or a Celeron?If AMD what motherboard and slot should i choose? (AM2+ or AM3)

Thank you very much and sorry for my poor english :(
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  1. The Athlon II X 250 is a faster CPU, and go for any cheap AM3 board.
  2. AM2+ is anygood?What about Asus?
  3. AM2+ is older, uses older chipsets with less features, and uses outdated DDR2. ASUS is good, which board specifically?
  4. i dont know which board.Maybe one for 100 euros max.As for the cpu, should i pick the Athlon X3 2.7 or the X2 3.0? Thanks again!
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