Odd rainbow text artifacting with radeon 4890

I have an interesting glitch on my computer. my text will randomly artifact in different colors.

it happens like that, the text turns rainbow, or sometimes solid colors like blue and green. But when you highlight the text (or mouseover if its a link) it becomes normal like this...

the reason thats blue is because its a link, not because its artifacting.

please help?

specs are:
msi r890 cyclone
i7 920 D0
2 gigabytes of ram (actually getting 6GB ones tomorrow hopefully)
EVGA e760

just ask if you want more info
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  1. So does it work fine on normal texts ? i mean it becomes like that when its a link ?
  2. All text is vulnerable, the example was a link. Note that most of the time the text is normal, its random when this happens
  3. Do you have any graphic problems in games/other apps too ?
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