5770 an overkill?

Given that i play at 1280*1024 resolution on a 17 inch graphics card will it be too much of an overkill to buy an ati sapphire 5770?
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  1. Well yes, it is, for now. If you are looking at the long term for something that will last you a few years then the answer is no, especially if you might upgrade the monitor at some point. That said if you want a DX11 card it's really the way to go. The HD5670 would be good, but not great for your resolution and the HD5750 is just too close in price to the HD5770 to make much sense. This is a good deal;
  2. the 5750 or the Gts250 would do but you could get the 5770 if you are planing to upgrade your rig

    aTi series require less power and they run cooler
    but i recommed a min of 500W psu for Gpu
  3. A decent 400w can handle the HD5770.
  4. i have a 450 W PSU, would you recommend i upgrade if im buying a 1gb sapphire 5770?
  5. What brand/model is it
  6. sadly its an indian company, u probably have never heard of it.
  7. Hmm, doesn't sound encouraging. Look at the chart on the side of it and tell us how many amps it claims to have on the +12v rail.
  8. well it says 17 Amps and max 204 W on hte +12v rail and +5v it says 30 A as output.
  9. let me rephrase, it says 17A on the +12v rail under that what you wanted to know?
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    Yeah, that's not very good really. The HD5770 uses about 7-8amps by itself under peak usage which doesn't leave much for the rest of the system. It may work but even if it does you are pushing that thing to the limit and it may give out on you fairly quickly. You'd be better off replacing it.
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