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7months ago,i purchased several assembled PC machines with epsilon 600watts power supply units..the machines have Gigabyte Ultra P45U motherboards and NVidia Graphics card 1GB.Now,2 of the PCs are having problems powering ON.I power the PCs and the HDD lights don't come ON.I have to keep trying several times by switching the PSU switch ON and OFF and waiting for like 20minutes for them to power ON.I returned one to my supplier and he changed the m.board with a new one but same model(Gigabyte),which he diagnosed to be the problem..but the same problem is evident on the new M.Board too..what could be the problem with the PSU?Does it have capacitor that charge before it could get enough power to power the PC?or are these brand of PSU inefficient after a certain period of use?Thank you for your kind assistance.

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  1. The easy way to find out since you have several machines is to try a PSU that does not have a problem in a computer with the problem and see if that fixes it. FSP epsilon PSU´s are reasonable quality.
  2. I've been having the exact same problem - so was wondering, did you ever identify the source of the porblem?
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