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what is the best case fans for a mico atx case with i7 930?i need to intake for the side panel and one 80 mm exhaust for the rear
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  1. Akasa 4-Pin 120MM
  2. If you have a 120mm intake and a 80mm exhaust pay close attention to each of their CFM movement.

    If the intake is siginficantly higher than the exhaust it can cause a pressure build up and actually decrease the airflow of the case.

    It's like having a narrow exhaust on your car, or more accurately a clogged exhaust. It will cause the engine to lose power.
  3. It depends on what you want.... Silence, air flow, or a balance of both. Another factor is the TYPE of noise. Some people prefer one brand over another because the frequency of noise is not as annoying.

    For instance, I replaced some expensive Scythe fans with cheap Yate Loons. They were not a big drop in decibels but the frequency of the noise is much lower and doesn't bother me at all.

    If you just want a max airflow 120mm fan, nothing beats the Scythe Ultra Kaze, but it's thicker than a standard 120mm fan and loud.
  4. so the scythe fans are top of the line.they will be installed in an emachines case which the side panel will be modded to take the 120mm fan.what do you think i should go with.i guess a good balance of low noise with high cfm
  5. no care of noise = delta fans... hehe, you wont be worried of build up of pressure since it will really push air out through all the gaps and the static pressure on it is crazy. Btw, dba-cfm, you cant beat delta's 250+cfm fans, they have like 60dba but it's like 1 dba for 4 cfm which beats yateloon's 60cfm to 30dba. +3dba = 2x sound pressure. Gelid silent 12 100rpm>noctua s12
  6. sounds good
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