Computer powers on, no keyboard, no beep, no display. HELP!!!


Shuttle AK32A Motherboard
Kingston 256MB RAM
Maxtor 20GB HDD
Nvidia GeForce MX440
500W PSU
Amd Athlon 2000+ CPU

It's a custom-built PC, and when I powered it on for the first time, all the fans came on, the HDD's spun, and it seemed to be recieving power. But, I get no POST beep(s), no display or keyboard. HELP!!! :cry:
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  1. We have a sticky that was created just to troubleshoot this exact problem. Perform EVERY step in the PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems! sticky and let us know the result.
  2. That didn't help!!! My PSU works perfectly fine in another machine, I have no 4/8 pin cpu power supply, and none of the other fixes apply!!
  3. Well, that's an ancient system. Any number of the components could have failed over the years. Did you try each stick of RAM by itself?
  4. Each stick of RAM, both DDR and SDRAM tested, no luck. Also, I've noticed strange fan speed patterns. When i Jump the power (put a screwdriver on the pins) the fan goes: and so on....

    any ideas?
  5. None that aren't already in the troubleshooting sticky. Like I said, with a system that old it could be any component that has failed. The only way to tell would be to swap parts with known working parts if you have that option.

    Edit: By the way, you need to stop posting questions in the sticky. That's a reference, not a place to ask for help.
  6. Has it got anything to do with the CPU I'm using not being on the CPU support list?
  7. Yes, it certainly could. Where did you come across these old components? Were they working together at any time?
  8. They did.... a while ago. I'm sure that CPU came from the system because it doesn't come from anywhere else. I aslo think it might not be working because I put in DDR and SDR SDRAM in with it at the same time.... And I don't think i was supposed to do that.
  9. No, you most certainly can't mix DDR and SDRAM in the same system. You likely damaged the motherboard or the RAM with that OOPS.
  10. Well, that was a waste of my time. I was really looking forward to using that system..... Oh well. It's a mistake I will never make again. Thanks.
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