Battlefield BC2 White Screen of Death

I was hoping for some help solving my display problems in the new Battlefield release.

At various times (10 mins in game, 90 mins in game) my game freezes up for about 5 seconds then goes to a white screen. I am still able to hear the sounds of the game, but see only a white screen.

A few times my security system says my ATI display driver has recovered from a serious error, but other times is says nothing. I had no issues playing the BETA on my system, only the released game. I have the most updated drivers and this was a new build so no previous drivers existed.

Any Ideas/suggestions?

AMD Athlon X4 620 2.6ghz (Quad Core)
Gigabyte MOBO GA-MA785G-UD3H
550W Rocket Fish PSU
4 GB DDR2 G. Skill Ram
ATI 4870 HD 1 GB DDR5
Windows 7 64-Bit
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  1. Does your system perform well in other games ?
  2. Maziar said:
    Does your system perform well in other games ?

    It performs awesome in BF 2142 and COD MW2. 100+ FPS with no crashes. I also played the BETA w/o getting any crashes.
  3. Software issue. Try Re-Installing it from Steam.
  4. I pre-ordered and have a disc copy. I didn't purchase it through STEAM. Can I still download it through them?
  5. I think so. I bought MW2 disc version, and I can download throught steam.
  6. this happened to me twice my 9800 gt was overheating that could be something to check.
  7. THe game is very buggy, tons of people are STILL getting Bsods, crashes, and freezes from BFBC2. I have two friends that can play any game on the market, EXCEPT BC2 because it just crashes almost every 5-10 minutes. Honestly you need to go post this on the BC2 forums,not here.
  8. If it only happens in BC2 then i think its the game's problem,as truhls mentioned it has lots of bugs and problems
  9. Maziar said:
    If it only happens in BC2 then i think its the game's problem,as truhls mentioned it has lots of bugs and problems

    Good work Detective Obvious.
  10. I am just trying to help,because i have experienced many bugs with BC2 and i have seen many users reporting bugs too,and the reason i said "i think it's the game problem" is that i am not 100% sure because the OP may experience problems with some other games(excluding the one he/she tested)
    No need to post the kind of replies which don't help the OP
  11. hi guys.. ive been posting on the ea forums and no help for this at all. EA ticket i sent even just directed me to a thread id already seen which had no solutions.. ive reinstalled all drivers, upgraded and downgraded, run tests, even moved the gpu to a diff slot and no joy, in fact it seems to be getting worse.. i get almost no playtime now, but on occaision after many reboots it runs for an hour or so. All other games run fine except stalker cop is now giving me a xray engine fail which it never did pre bc2! Defo not a heat issue as the card is practically cold after crashes.

    Please, Please post and post again on the ea forums and send in tickets so they will do something about this. At the moment the threads only have about 10 or so posts so not enough to prompt them to really look into it. I think it is most likley a win7 64 issue and most people experiencing this and running that op.

    forums are

    interestingly here is a list of people crashing regularly ....51 pages so far!!

  12. oh and this is the thread that the EA official ticket sent me to..
  13. my post seems to have been deleted? any particular reason for this?
  14. Yep, A mod also deleted my April Fools Rickroll.
  15. max_head said:
    my post seems to have been deleted? any particular reason for this?

    Sorry for that,just restored them,at first i thought it would be a better idea to make a new thread and ask there but your post was related to this one so now they restored.
  16. ok thx :)
  17. Ok, so I have had success restarting my computer if it was "Sleeping" when I sat down. NO WSofDeath's in a week or so. Folks might wanna try that out and see how it works for them.
  18. To clear up some of the questions about Steam:

    MW2 works differently than most games. It works like the Valve games (TF2, CS, L4D2, HL2, etc) in that if you buy a disc (retail version) at the store of L4D2, then you will use that disk to register your game through Steam and partially install the game. You could also just purchase the game through Steam, online, without ever going to the store. It doesn't matter how you purchase the game, whether you have a retail copy or downloaded it through steam, because the game will still show up on your Steam games list.

    MW2 works the same way. Steam/Valve has an agreement with Activision; plus MW2 is different because it uses the Valve Anti-Cheat/Steam Achievements/Steam Cloud. If you buy BC2 at the store, then you cannot download it through Steam. You must buy it through Steam to download it.

    Concerning your lock-ups, it stinks. Maybe you fixed your problem. Personally I have had problems as well, but I can usually run the game for a few hours with no problems. It is annoying when I was about to finish with a nice kdr and then freeze up. Post on their forums, trying to make a lot of noise, and give them your specs, asking others if they have the same problems.
  19. buckcm said:
    . Post on their forums, trying to make a lot of noise, and give them your specs, asking others if they have the same problems.

    yep.. links above :) :bounce:
  20. link for another possible fix for the crashing bc2 issues
  21. me and my friend have had the same problems with BFBC2....some of the issues are solved by alt tabbing out...sometimes it just completely fails and closes the game completely....he has a core i7 920 ati5850 and windows xp....I have core 2 duo 6750 ati5750 and also running windows xp....we experience the exact same issues...10.3 driver update didnt help...but the punkbuster issues seemed to have stopped....its quite a shame they didnt work this out in the beta that had MILLIONS of people playing...idk wtf could have happened that they didnt see any of these issues coming
  22. This is what worked for me and was suggested by Cableguy619:

    Download the newest driver for my video card. (But do not install it yet)
    Download driver sweeper and install.
    Uninstall all old ATI drivers via "Uninstall" and using the sweeper
    Re-Boot in SAFE MODE and install the new video driver you just downlaoded.

    Not only has the WSOD not come back, but my FPS have increased by 8-10 fps.
  23. Best answer
    Or uninstall all old ATI drivers , reboot to safe mode, run driver sweeper, clean all radeon vga results, reboot to windows and install new radeon driver.
    Doing this every time new driver is release.
    I had same issue with bcc2 and after reinstalling driver run game with no problem.
  24. Best answer selected by dbivian.
  25. Hi Guys I FIXED WSOD in BC2 on Windows 7

    I have head frequent Windows 7 WSOD in BC2 since I got a new GIGABYTE GTX560 Ti. It never used to happen with my old GTS8800. I tried about 6 different solutions offered here and on different forums but nothing worked. Funny thing is it runs perfect on the same system if I boot into Vista on my other drive. I can play on Vista for 5 hours straight and no WSOD, so I knew it’s not hardware.

    The FIX is to update your PunkBuster.
    Make sure you add BC2 in the game section so it updates correctly. I have been playing BC2 on Windows 7 no problems for 2 days now.

    Good Luck all.
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