Computer wont boot with 5770 (P5K SE mobo)


Just bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1 gig today, and after replacing my 8800 GTS with it, my computer wont boot (long beep followed by 3 short beeps).
If I put my old video card in, it will work fine.

System specs:
Intel Dual core E6550 @2.33 Ghz
P5K SE mobo
2x 1 gig Corsair DDR 2
Windows XP SP 3
PSU: CoolerMaster RP-650-PCAR 650W ATX12V
Yes, I did plug the 6pin from the PSU to the 5770.

Just did a BIOS update with ASUS updater to 1104 (latest) and still doesnt work.
Any idea what I could do next?
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  1. Ok I just cleared the CMOS (removing the battery from mobo and changing the jumper position for a few mins etc...) and that worked!!!! ....kinda... now my PC boot, and windows starts but after a few seconds (30 sec max; sometimes I dont even get a chance to see my desktop) my computer reboot itself everytime :<

    I haven't changed the BIOS settings since I flashed my BIOS with the latest one so there might be something wrong there? I have no idea though as I have never modified BIOS settings myself before.
  2. driver sweeper in safe mode did the trick!! there was some nvidia leftover drivers lurking around. seems stable so far (only tried 30mins but that s 30 more mins than before :) ).
  3. Ha ha, nice job :)
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