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I've had 2 routers and they both mysteriously stopped working. The retailer says not thier problem. I sent the router to the CEO of Netgear who sent it back. Ill never buy a Netgear product nor recommend them.
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  1. I never had any luck with netgear myself!
  2. If the router stopped working within warranty, the retailer may direct you to the manufacturer -- but your contract is with the retailer. On consumer durables you are probably entitled to expect around 5 years reliable service (in many jurisdictions)

    We've had a Netgear DG series router running continuously at home for over 4 years without issues. I installed a secondhand reflashed ex-ISP model of that type at least 2 years ago with a voluntary organisation and that's also performed faultlessly.

    The only serious problem I'm aware of is overheating and the instructions suggesting vertical positioning should be heeded.

    Netgear's support has a mixed reputation but there's a good user forum.
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