Memory ECC and NON-ECC

I plan to build server with XEON processor and does it better for me to get ECC ram or non-ECC ram - i read many places and they said that these days ram are stable and no point to get ECC Ram.

Please give me your opinion

thank you
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  1. Is the server used for a business and need to be on all the time? Is it essential for you business? Meaning it the computer gives a wrong data, due to a memory error, and causes loss of thousands of dollars, then if yes, I would get an ECC memory.
  2. It really depends on the application.

    if it is a database server, I would use ECC.

    mail,web, file server in most cases can get away with using non-ECC
  3. This is for hosting business assuming which involved in everything

    does ECC and NON-ECC make any differences on the performance?
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