Which is better graphics card....?

Which is better.....1gb sapphire radeon hd 4670 or 1gb sapphire radeon hd 5570....Plz help,....
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  1. The Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 1GB performs a bit better, although it costs slightly more. The 5570 does have ATi Eyefinity though - could prove useful if you do wish to use multiple monitors.
  2. +1^
    It packs new technologies such as DX11,Eyefinity etc and performance wise they should perform pretty much the same
  3. Thanxs..
  4. DX11/Eyefinity = damned near useless on a low class card. That is, unless you plan to run on triple 17" monitors. You'll still be able to use two monitors on the 4670 though.
    I do not recommend multi monitor setups actually under normal situations (from personal experience, I now believe a single 30" is superior to 3x 23").

    The 5570 will run cooler, but the 4670 will be cheaper. Doesn't really matter which card you get though.
    Mid-end last gen card vs. low-end new gen card = tie.
  5. I'm thinking of an Eyefinity build, What didn't you like about it?
  6. Because there are still many games which don't support it but with new drivers coming from AMD, more games support it
  7. Oh, SO I wouldn't be able to Play Crysis or Oblivion in Eyefinity?
  8. Crysis and Oblivion support Eyefinity but some games doesn't,you may find this link notebook:
  9. Oh, well so major games support it?
  10. Yes most new games support it
  11. What about older ones?

    Like Oblivion and Crysis use it .....
  12. Here is a list that shows the game which suppot Eyefinity:
  13. Thanx
  14. No problem :)
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