Atom 330 Socket PBGA437


I am looking for a cooler for this....or a heatsink that will fit the footprint...socket 437

I have overclocked the 1.6 dual core HT up to 1.86Ghz per core (same as the z540 but with 2 less multipliers than that chip).

Want to up the heatsink as gets a bit hot but cant find one ANYWHERE...i know this is not a traditional OC chip but just squeezing what I can out of the current chip. Use it for basic tasks and runs fine

The 1.6 > 1.86 increase has already moved the vista rating from 3.3 to 3.5.

When i try to move it up to more than 166Mhz x 12 multiplier, the screen flickers and it freezed. Memory issue as its limited to 1066 DDR3...with integrated ION graphics.

Any thoughts, or links, welcome!
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  1. how big is the case you're using? I dont know of any specific 437 heatsinks but I'm sure one can be modified to fit, a low profile heatsink perhaps and a 92mm fan maybe? I know the PBGA437 was created so that it was quiet and small though so overclocking it and getting an aftermarket heatsink really wasn't the idea of this design, kinda like throwing in 5890 or a gtx 480 in there. I'd say if you're just using it for basic tasks, just lower the voltage down to somewhere in between the 1.6 and 1.86 and the stock cooler should be fine. You might be able to even attach or mount a 92mm fan onto the stock cooler if you need it.
  2. I know it wasn't intended for this purpose. Hmmm would like to mod one. The stock cooler is an active one. Similar to a generic chipset cooler, ally heatsink with 40mm fan screwed on top (using fins to hold the screws).

    How would I attach a modded heatsink?
  3. oh and to answer ur other point, it is a mini itx but from looking at it could fit a mid size cooler
  4. anyone?
  5. SOLVED!!!

    NorthQ UFO Northbridge heatsink + Fractal 40mm silent fan

    Now running 20 degrees C cooler!
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