Asus M4A785-M has 8GB DDR2-800 RAM (4x 2GB) but only recognizes 1.75 as useable

Now I did not have this problem when I was booting win XP 64. Since switching to Win 7 Home 32bit I have experienced some peculiar problems. I am aware that 32-bit will only recognize and utilize 4GB of memory. However, recently it decided to not boot or post and I had to pull all my sticks (thinking one might be faulty) and trying them one by one and in various configurations. The only thing that has worked in with 2 sticks in (blue slots) and it will post and boot up. However when looking at my system info... it states there is 4GB installed (1.75 useable). Sighhhhhh.

I have looked around and found some discussion on this matter but nothing that really seemed to land upon a resolution. I am confused as to why this would suddenly occur when it wasnt a problem when I first installed my Win 7. I have read that resetting the CMOS might help but I am unsure how to do that or if it would yield the solution I am looking for (4GB of mem actually being recognized AND working).

So... can anyone help me out with this? The only other thing worth mentioning is that I have had some system crashes recently (albeit rarely) that stem from using my front panel USB ports... namely plugging or unplugging a device in while the PC is on. It suddenly shuts down without warning and is again, quite a peculiar problem. Leads me to believe my PSU might be part of the problem but I dont suspect that would have anything to do with the memory issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. I hope I made my problems clear and intelligible.

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  1. I've seen this before.

    1. Check your BIOS. Check if it's seeing all of your RAM.
    2. Make sure the 'max memory' setting is unchecked.
    3. You should probably upgrade to a 64bit OS.
  2. Since you mention you had problems with your RAM, I would try and run Memtest first to see if you have a faulty stick. IF you don't, try pulling your CMOS battery and removing power from the system for a few minutes to clear the settings. Go back in and set your settings the way you need them and boot it again. Make sure you don't have some weird shared memory setting that's sharing a lot of memory to your onboard graphics. It should show 4 installed, and no more than 3.45 usable on a 32bit OS (this will vary depending on your integrated video shared if you're using onboard graphics, and it could be as low as the mid 2's if you share a LOT to your IGP). You should consider going to a 64bit OS for sure, since you have 8gb RAM.
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