Need a new Case to fit an HIS ATI 5830

Just picked up the card and I know it's too long for my Coolermaster Mystique. By about a half inch it turns out. If only the power connector was on top.

Looking for something not overly large but with decent cooling and on the quiet side (Studio apartment).
Any recommendations sub $150?

I have a Gigabyte 785-ud3h mobo, a Andy Samurai CPU Fan (it's big) and the OCZ gamer 1000 PSU

I could just run over to Best Buy and grab the Antec 300 for $65. Should I? I don't like the look of it though. Any thoughts on what to buy in person from a chain outlet like J&R or Best Buy? I live in NYC.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Or I could just buy a dremel and cut a notch... :)
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  1. Just saw an Antec 902 at Best Buy. Anybody think this is OK? Dimensions seems to suggest the card would fit, and Bit-Tech likes the cooling.

  2. Yes, that case would be nice for your need...
    Just make sure it has a good airflow inside it (i'm pretty sure it did).
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