Psu 12v and 5v readings very low

Hello i have been trying to find out what is wrong since my video cardhas been a little slow lately and i think i know the problem but i want to confirm it. My Psu 5v has only gone to about 3.5 and my 12v hasnt even passed 1 it is around .56 i tested with 2 programs and it came up the same is there anyway for sure i can be certain the psu is almost dead ?
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  1. the software you are using is reporting it wrong, get a digital multimeter and test the actual voltages yourself, also if those were the right voltages it wouldn't even turn on let alone post

    though by a little slow for the graphics card what do you mean, missing a few frames in a game, losing half, or nearly unplayable

    also listing the full system specs will help
  2. Those voltages are obviously wrong. If your 12 volt output were much less than about 11 volts, your system wouldn't boot.

    Simple way to check the 5 and 12 volt lines is to measure at one of molex (IDE drive) connectors. Borrow a meter and measure - red to black should be 4.75 - 5.25 volts and yellow to black should be 11.4 - 12.6 volts to meet specifications.

    You can also check what the BIOS is telling you.
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