\windows\system32\winload.exe corrupt or missing

I just used the Acronis to clone my smaller IDE onto a sata drive. I have a menu when booting to select which operating system. I have to change the boot order to make the smaller IDE work. It's number one right now. So why can't I boot from the clone disk I just made? Why do I get this error message? I selected it as the 1st disk to boot from. It gives me this error. I have googled this and I see I'm not the first to have this problem. I have checked for the file and it is there in system32. What can I do?
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  1. Try removing (or just unplugging) the SATA drive before trying to boot from the IDE drive.
  2. I"m trying to boot from the SATA drive not the IDE. I made the sata the 1st drive in the boot sequence and I got a message BOOTMGR not available
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