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Hello.. today i bought myself everything i needed to build a computer, after finishing building it.. i try and turn it on to get a black screen.. no post... i have searched many forums to find out the problem. none of them have worked.

i am using

Gigabyte p55-ud3 (Motherboard)
Seasonic 430w (PSU)
Nvidia gts250 (Graphic Card)
4gb ddr3 Ram (Dont know brand.. it is in the box that i have my motherboard sitting on top of.)
i5-760 (processor)

its been frustrating me all day trying everything i could to get this to work, all i have plugged in to it is processor and fan, graphic card, ram, and power supply..

ive tried moving the ram to different slots, tried making sure the processor was in properly, made sure my graphic card was in properly, moved the graphic card to pci slot 4x and 16x, ive tried resetting cmos... still nothing.. do you think something i got is broken?? i dont have any spare ram so i cant try ram, ive been trying different graphic card and still nothing...

help please :)
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  1. done all the steps in that and still wont post... it boots up fine, lights flash on fans spin but i wait for the screen to come on and it dont....
  2. Have you tried the bread boarding method that is linked at the bottom of the guide?
  3. yes i have.. thats how i have it sitting right now all out of the box.. still nothing :(
  4. Are you getting any beeps?
  5. no beeps at all..
  6. Does not beep with no ram installed! Does not beep with no GPU installed!
    If a speaker is connected and no beeps at all, sounds like a bad motherboard.
  7. i have tried with no ram and no beep but i dont have a "speaker" as seen in some of the videos... how much are they
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